Traffic around Wanborough Primary School: 

I arranged for officers from the Highways team to meet representatives from the school to discuss how parking and road safety might be improved.



I'm working with Community Speedwatch in Liddington to deal with speeding motorists: 


We have recorded hundreds of motorists - many doing as much as double the 30mph speed limits. Local residents have welcomed our regular presence. We have been joined by Robert Buckland MP who is also Speedwatch trained.


I work with residents on Village Clean-ups: 


My son and I cleaned graffiti from road signs and swept the path on the B4192 as well as clearing grass & leaves.


Looked great afterwards!


In 2016:

- a special 'Ridgeway Transport to school area' was created following my campaign: 


I have just re-affirmed in July 2019 that the availability of school buses (at cost) will continue for pupils in the 'Ridgeway Transport to school area'.


I have worked hard to ensure that Sixth Form Students living in the Ridgeway ward will still be able to get to school using school buses - at a cost of £495 per year.

I asked James Povoas (Head of the Ridgeway School) and Andy Dury (Head of Wanborough Primary) to assist in ensuring parents were informed of the importance of the recent consultation and there was an overwhelming response from parents in this area. Thanks for your help in this!



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