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LATEST NEWS: This unwelcome Planning Application will go to a



I have opposed this application as completely wrong.


I will speak to oppose it on the 25th as Ward Councillor and I believe that it does not offer the benefits promised, it contravenes Local and National Planning Policy and with the latest updated application is even more unacceptable. As one of the professional comments notes - this is an industrial park with a 'science park' bolted on... 


The 'employment land study' submitted for the applicant is embarrassing and genuinely makes this application less credible.


There isn't a site in the country which could meet the criteria.


Gary Sumner

Your Ridgeway Ward Councillor





Robert Buckland MP & Cllr Gary Sumner have been working to help meet the need for fast and reliable broadband in all communities and this has become particularly important during the Covid lock-down with people working from home and children being educated at home – as well as the other uses for broadband for leisure.


Robert and Gary initially met Openreach in late April and they met again on the 18th May with the Rural Engagement Manager at Openreach.


Local Councillors including Cathy Martyn & Brian Ford in Wroughton, Jenny Jeffries and Brian Mattock in Chiseldon have identified the problems their residents and businesses are experiencing and have requested the scheme for their wards. Gary Sumner has long championed the same for Wanborough, Liddington, Bishopstone & Hinton Parva and Badbury.


Areas identified: Bishopstone & Hinton Parva, Wanborough & Liddington, Chiseldon (& Badbury), Wroughton.


Openreach have agreed to cost out the Fibre provision for all the above areas and this study is now underway.


The DCMS Gigabit Broadband Scheme is aimed at supporting the cost of provision of Gigabit capable broadband to homes and businesses in rural areas when part of a group scheme.


Once we have the initial package costed for each area we can reach out to businesses and residents who may be interested. Gigabit capable broadband also supports symmetrical connections meaning that upload and download speeds can be the same.


There is no need for residents to register for the scheme at this stage as the study areas have already been requested by us.




Cllr Gary Sumner

Ridgeway Ward



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