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– Local Plan Review - sites identified:


Swindon Borough Council is obliged to carry out a review of our Local Plan to ensure sufficient ‘deliverable’ housing and employment sites are available in the plan period. A ‘Call for sites’ (also known as the Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment – SHELAA) has led to both private and public lands being proposed and assessed for suitability.


Those sites considered in the broadest possible terms as having some suitability are contained in the ‘Draft Local Plan Review’.


We are now asking for your views and whilst there is a Statutory Consultation Period to come in early 2019 your Ward & Parish councillors would welcome your thoughts now – for or against and any local knowledge which informs those opinions.


The best strategies are ‘Plan-Led’ and it may be that sites put forward in your area could be combined to serve a local need or to allow re-planning by local stakeholders (Parish Councils, Neighbourhood Plan groups, Community Groups etc).


Perhaps sites proposed are inappropriate, unwelcome or they may be difficult to deliver commercially? At this moment in time we would welcome the opportunity to talk and to listen so that we can make our Local Plan fit for the future, delivering homes and employment sites in sustainable locations with services around them to serve their needs in the future.


The most sustainable sites are likely to be those close to existing communities so please keep an open mind on what is proposed to deliver future homes for residents.


Sites have been considered in Wanborough, Bishopstone and Badbury.


It does NOT mean these sites will get consent - purely that they have been considered & comply in planning terms with citeria used to assess them.


Please use the following link to search for sites considered in your area:




Swindon Borough Council - Forward Planning:


The Council has produced an initial site assessment base on submitted and available information. We are now inviting comments on these sites which will be used to finalise the SHELAA and subsequent site allocations work. Comments should address the assessment criteria of being suitable, available and achievable. Also additional information on potential capacity and/or phasing on sites would be welcome.


The initial sites assessment can be accessed on the interactive map below. You can search for a particular address of postcode and toggle individual layers on and off using the panel on the left hand side of the map.  Clicking on a SHELAA site will bring up a information box with further information for that site.  You can also change the base map between Ordnance Survey, aerial imagery and a black and white map.


If you have any queries about the map, including any suspected errors, please email with a screenshot of the area you are concerned about.


Comments on the SHELAA sites should be sent to

by 5pm Monday 12th November clearly indicating the site reference number



For Ridgeway Ward residents

please copy me on your comments:


Gary Sumner – your Ridgeway Ward Councillor





This application is NOT for a Science Park!


WASDELL PROPERTIES are a vehicle for Wasdell Packaging to build a massive 49,000 sq.m industrial packaging and logistics facility in the countryside adjoining the nationally protected

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


This is NOT an SBC proposal and is completely contrary to the adopted SBC Local Plan


After the Wanborough Parish Council meeting I will offer some suggestions for both questions and comments and would urge ALL residents to make their views known.


Whilst I support local business it should not be at the detriment of the countryside and local communities. This is a 40 hectare site!


40 hectares of employment land was already allocated for the 8,000 home 'New Eastern Villages' development and so far only one smaller unit has been built with the remainder still FULLY AVAILABLE - this is about industrial land on the cheap where it has not been planned. That's unacceptable!




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