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My very well attended monthly meetings have to be cancelled whilst we are required to observe 'Social Distancing' during the COVID-19 pandemic.


I am still available by phone or email (please email me on any day of the week for the quickest response).


I will do my best to assist with any problems - please do contact me.




Tel: 01793790814


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Best wishes,




Gary Sumner

Your Ridgeway Ward Councillor







Residents will be receiving these letters regarding the development of the Northern part of the Foxbridge site as part of the ‘New Eastern Villages and due to the current situation there are no plans for a Public Exhibition.

Whilst we have accepted the principle of the ‘New Eastern Villages and the benefits which the Southern Connector Road will bring, the problem with the current applications / consultation documents at Foxbridge is that neither addresses the policy requirement for a Primary School.

We do not want to see the education provision at Foxbridge delivered at Redlands as this would encourage unwelcome car journeys against the ‘Measures to Minimise Rat running’ policy and the delivery of the Southern Connector Road which are designed to stop those journeys through the village of Wanborough and beyond.

Whilst this is not yet a planning application, it is nonetheless helpful if residents views can reflect these concerns.

The new community of Foxbridge (about the same size as Wanborough) should deliver a Primary school as both a policy requirement but also in terms of place-making. If this is not delivered then they will have built an isolated housing estate with no heart and car journeys will be encouraged/necessary.

We all have other worries, but when you have time please let Danescroft know what you think?

Thank you,

Gary Sumner
Your Ridgeway Ward Councillor.



Elections have been postponed to May 2021:


I was elected in 2016 to represent the Ridgeway Ward and have been proud to actively serve the Ridgeway Villages since then.


Due to the Corona Virus, elections due for May 2020 have been postponed to May 2021.


Whilst I was very happy to seek your support for a further 4 year term and hopeful that you would support me, I am equally happy to continue to serve you for a further year.


As always - if you have an issue where I can help or any questions please do contact me?


Best wishes,




Gary Sumner

Your Ridgeway Ward Councillor







The Planning Application for an Industrial style development at Inlands Farm (promoted as a 'Science Park') has been given a further extension of time to 30th June 2020.


Further detail was to have been submitted after the last extension of time (from August to February), but as this has not yet been done the applicants are being given another extension to allow them to submit plans and for an anticipated need to re-consult the public on the new information.


This may seem very accommodating, but if every opportunity has been given to them to provide the information then any planning decision will be less likely to be open to challenge.


When the application was submitted in December 2018 we were told that the need for the first phase buildings was 'urgent' (with their PR campaign active for many months before giving the same message, but clearly over a year later we are little futher forward.


During the past year the 'North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' has strengthened the protection expected for not just within the AONB but more importantly its 'setting'.


The Honda site (one of the largest employment sites in the South of England) is anticipated to come to the market in the year ahead which will also lessen the argument to provide additional employment land on greenfield sites (and particularly in such a visually sensitive location).


I will update residents when new information is submitted and a consultation announced.


Gary Sumner

Your Ridgeway Ward Councillor




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