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Gigabit fibre - It's on its way!

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Finally we have the news we've been working towards:


It's happening!



I met with Openreach this morning together with Neil Richardson (who has been working with the Chiseldon residents) and we are pleased to confirm that we have now officially moved into the build phase of the project – we did it!


It is definitely happening!!!!


Gigabit Fibre is definitely coming to our two communities!


As many of you have seen Openreach engineers have been in the area finalising their plans for the rollout and we will learn over the coming weeks the timescales for delivery, we’ll share that info with you as soon as we can. In order to claim the voucher Openreach have a 12 month period before they expire and most were pledged late last year.


If you live in Wanborough & Liddington or Chiseldon you could still miss out if you haven’t pledged your voucher and for those who haven’t engaged, it may not be too late.


Go to to pledge.


Households who haven’t pledged or been part of the scheme may have to pay to connect to the new network later so whilst there is still an opportunity to use the free Government vouchers of £1500 for a home or £3,500 for a business it makes sense to take part.


Neil and I continue to explore ways of getting the un-validated vouchers converted and letters will be going out to these people shortly, we are also looking at a method of validating vouchers by SMS instead of email. If you haven't received your voucher please email me again as Openreach can access the vouchers again.


I would like to personally thank Rt Hon Robert Buckland QC MP who helped start this process from the first meeting he and I had with Openreach in April 2020 and celebrate the achievement through lockdown of promoting this! We have raised nearly £2m in pledges and Neil Richardson has been a fantastic advocate in Chiseldon, promoting and sharing the benefits, organising leaflets, as well as joining me on very regular briefings and workshops to achieve this.


Thank you to local printers (ESP Colour) who produced the Wanborough Leaflet for free and those helpers who did the deliveries.


This has also been a great community effort with many residents being Gigabit champions online and sharing the positive news with friends and neighbours, but please keep spreading the word to your friends/neighbours so nobody misses out.


We still have the other villages to address, and some missing streets and we are working on what can be attached to these schemes and what will have to be done separately under a new funding application.


Gary Sumner

Neil Richardson

Robert Buckland



Gary Sumner

Your Ridgeway Ward Councillor




Why is Ultra-fast broadband important and what is this scheme? 


A government scheme is giving us something for nothing (well nearly). Each home has a £1500 voucher to contribute towards building a brand new 'Gigabit Fibre' network in our villages to replace the ageing copper network (which will be retired in 2025 anyway).




A few answers to common questions:


1) Will the voucher cover the full cost of installing fibre to my home? YES


2) So I won't have to contribute if the cost of the scheme isn't covered? NO - if there aren't enough pledges to cover the scheme it won't be built.


3) What will it cost me? From around £25 per month


4) Why do I need it? Because life is becoming more digital, from downloading films, FaceTiming family and friends, making appointments, online shopping.


5) Will I be able to keep my phone number? YES (in 98% of cases according to BT).


6) Finally in 2025 Openreach will stop supporting the old copper newtwork and your current supplier will have to offer you an alternative - this could be a wireless connection - at this stage that is up to them but the copper lines will cease. 


7) If I don't connect now can I connect later? YES but you will have to pay the cost from the nearest part of the new network to your home - and that depends on distance and what they may have to dig up.


8) Is the value of my home affected? YES - according to a report from Government (read the link below) and supported by those in the property industry - increasingly people will choose whether to rent or buy based on connection speeds. It makes sense really as if working from home becomes a regular thing then a home with bad broadband could affect your career!



If you have any questions please let me know?


Call me on 790814 or email




Gary Sumner

Your Ridgeway Ward Councillor

2nd March 2021



Gigabit Fibre - some help from BT Consumer with the following caveat:


The information below is specific to BT Consumers Customer Services and offers only.


Prices change over time.


This information is provided for the sole purpose of the support of the Wanborough, Swindon, community solution.


This covers a lot of unanswered questions and although I'm a convert already it reassures me about costs and basics like retaining phone numbers.


This information was obtained by a helpful resident also supporting the scheme.




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Ridgeway Ward



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